Living Rooms

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More than half the total area of the first floor are living rooms — a center hall/sitting room and two living rooms, one Federal and the other Victorian in style.

The classic Greek Revival center hall sits between the two living rooms and is twenty-five feet long.  The last door leads of the hall opens to the second floor staircase.  The front two side doors of the hall open into the two living rooms just mentioned, on the right the Victorian living room and on the left the Federal living room.  The third door further down the hall on the right opens into an office and the fourth door opposite it on the left opens into the keeping / dining room.  The dining room is joined to the kitchen which leads to the guest bathroom at the far end of the kitchen.

The economical use of space, the symmetrical relationship of rooms in the neo-Classical architecture of the house marks the house’s last major reconstruction in the mid 1800s.

The wallpaper in the Greek Revival center hall may be the only copy of the center hall wall hanging from George Mason’s beautiful estate in Virginia.  George Mason was a close friend of Thomas Jefferson who composed the original draft of the American “Bill of Rights” and was one of the signers of our nation’s Declaration of Independence.  The Colonial “marbleized” floor cloth in the center hall would be found only in the finest American homes before the discovery of fine rugs in the Orient.  The floor cloth, painted  in thirteen “marbleized” layers of green and opaque yellow, was the work of two artisans over three months’ time. The center arch in the hall repeats the pilaster design on the side millwork of the front door.  The five doors in the hall are  mahogany “wood grained”, again, craftsmen’ work from the 19th century.  Two of these doors are originals with the house.  The other three doors were custom made to match the two original wood grained doors.  The Williamsburg all brass front door lock, the gold leaf “regency mirror” at the far end of the hall and the vintage glass chandelier complete the room’s neo-classical elegant decor.

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