Kitchen and Dining

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From Colonial times, the keeping room with its fireplace is the oldest room in the house, a second kitchen and now a dining room which includes a portable pioneer ‘tin oven’, a stone fireplace and bread oven, ‘antique’ food pantry, cupboards and functioning pioneer copper lined sink.

The original ‘first kitchen’ no longer exists.  Back in the 1700s a Colonist family provided for their own meat and produce.  The first kitchen resembled more a butcher shop than a modern kitchen.  After the meat was dressed and cleaned it was only then brought inside the house into the keeping room.  The ‘butchery’ was either a shed attached to the house or a workplace in the cellar.  For this house the first kitchen was a shed located outside the keeping room.  There are, however, meat hooks in the floor joists in the original home’s cellar.  The stone caped kitchen well is visible outside the keeping room where the butchery shed stood.

A fully furnished modern kitchen also connects with the pioneer keeping room.  The kitchen is furnished with new Jenn-Aire appliances, refrigerator, two ovens, dishwasher, garbage disposal unit and a six burner gas stove, grill n and lots more.

The kitchen has a twenty-two foot long granite counter besides mobile butcher block counter. A breakfast nook for two is built into the counter under the first window in the kitchen.  With a large gathering of family and friends both kitchens function well together.  They provide additional work space for food preparation, dish and pot washing at two sinks, a  new porcelain sink or an old fashioned copper lined sink.  A Thanksgiving turkey has been roasted perfectly in the reflector tin oven at the fireplace while the other ‘fixings’ were prepared in the new kitchen.  The two  kitchens joined together span forty-five feet from end to end and have a guest bathroom behind the modern kitchen.