Important Documents

Important documents of this historic registry farmhouse, cottage and home:  National Register of Historic Places document, Letter from the Architect and Property Description 

The Historic Register Listing Notice

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places brings not only a certain prestige to the home but documents the important need to protect for future generations certain important historic homes to better understand and preserve our national heritage. This home is a veritable museum of home construction architectures and styles from the founding of our nation to the present time spanning over three hundred years and includes Early Colonial, Federal, Greek Revival and Victorian cultural influences in the construction of American homes and the people who lived during these historic times. For these reasons the property enjoys the protection of both Federal and state statutes.

Letter From The Architect


I enjoyed very much my return visit to your now-fully-restored home. Since I first saw it, I have looked upon it as an amazing place. It is like a piece of theater. The outside is pleasantly typical, but once standing within the wide porch, one is struck by the extraordinary woodwork surrounding the front door.

Stepping inside, one can only gasp….

Some Thoughts about the History of the House

This house is a museum of the history of our evolving nation and a landmark property from pioneer to modern times — from Colonial, Federal, Georgian and Victorian eras to our own time.