Pioneer keeping room and fireplace

historic house

Can you imagine such a fireplace and room in a movie about American pioneers in the 1700s? The Biography channel wanted to make such a film at the house but found a place closer to their studio.

Pile on enough logs and the fireplace will warm the entire room in winter and take the chill out of the air in the rest of the house. On the other side of the chimney in the Federal living room sits second fireplace which shares the same chimney. A third smaller fireplace is attached to the same chimney on the second floor above in the old master bedroom. In the same bedroom is a floor grate for capturing some of the heat from the larger fireplaces below it. ( A new master bedroom and bathroom is now at the other end of the house ).

Keep both fireplaces blazing and the entire first floor feels the warmth. This is the favorite room in the house, a perfect setting for Thanksgiving — old farm table and chairs, copper lined sink and reflector tin oven which sits at the foot of the fireplace. The keeping room fireplace recently roasted perfectly a large turkey in a Colonial reflector tin oven for family and friends on Thanksgiving with warm cider in a pot hung above the fireplace.