Bedrooms, Bathrooms & beyond

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The four bedrooms and three bathrooms on the 2nd floor hall and rooms beyond them meet in the center hall.

A laundry room, storage room and center hall complete the number of rooms upstairs.  The floors, fixtures and doors are distinctly Victorian in style.  The chandelier, made of Italian hand blown glass with gold dust, bathes the upstairs landing and sitting room in soft light.  Originally, all the rooms on the second floor were adult and children’s bedrooms.  In the beginning three centuries ago, the house was built by pioneers as a one room house which was enlarged as the family grew and today is a twelve room house listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The former three small children’s bedrooms have been converted into a laundry room, storage room and one and a half bathrooms.

The area occupying the new master bedroom and bathroom was unfinished until recently and replaces the ‘old’ master bedroom down the hall.  Until 2008 this area of the house was vacant and have been made into a master bedroom suite which is now the largest room in the house measuring 36 by 18 feet and includes three spacious walk-in closets and a bathroom.  (Here is a second view of the bedroom from another angle ).The bedroom area alone measures 20 by 18 feet with an eleven foot vaulted ceiling and enough space for additional furnishings besides a bed and dressers. The room could easily accommodate a small living room ensemble of sofa, chairs, table and other furnishings. The largest closet in the bedroom measures 10 feet by 6 and could be a small office or kitchenette. The ‘old master bedroom’ on the opposite side of the hall has the third fireplace in the house and is connected to another room which at one time was a child’s bedroom which now is a fourteen foot long store room.  It could easily be converted into two more walk-in closets.

There are two other second floor center hall bathrooms, one full bathroom with a Victorian style soaking tub and Queen Anne sink basin and a half bathroom next to the full bathroom.

Besides the other full bathroom in the master bedroom there is also a fourth guest bathroom on the first floor.  All bathrooms are Victorian styled including wall tiles and lighting fixtures.

The store room connects directly to two bedrooms which could be partitioned as separate walk-in closets for each bedroom.

A small wall cabinet in one of the two bedrooms next to the former child’s bedroom suggests that it was the grandparent’s bedroom, the couple who originally built the one room settler’s house.  The cabinet face is decorated with animal figures and is large enough to hold children’s toys and the like.  The grandparents from their bedroom had direct access not only to the small bedroom adjoining theirs but the other two children’s bedrooms across the hall.  From their advantage they could easily mind their grandchildren when the children’s parents left early in the morning to work on the family 160 acre farm.